A guide to answering some typical questions

1.      Tell me a little about yourself

  • Why did you choose this career path?

  • Be ready to explain job changes.

  • Have an answer ready to explain breaks in your work history.


2.      What is your biggest weakness?

  • Present a real ‘flaw’ that you have taken steps to improve.

  • Highlight the results of your actions. 

3.       What are your strengths?

  • Justify your answer with examples.


4.     Out of all the other candidates, why should we hire you?

  • Highlight career your successes.


5.      Tell me about the last time there was a conflict with a co-worker or customer.

  • Take responsibility for your role in a conflict as the blame game shows weakness. 

  • Talk about the challenge and how the tension was eased, and a solution reached.


       6.  Why do you want to leave your current job?

  • Talk about advancing and growing your knowledge base.

  • Mention the positive impact you would have on the new company and what you can accomplish.


7.      Tell me how you think other people would describe you.

  • A possible answer could be that you are accountable and can be counted on to do what it takes to achieve set goals.


8.     What was your salary in your last job?

  • Suggest a salary within a range.

  • Ask if the position falls within that range.  

  • If you this opportunity is with an agency, let your recruiter negotiate on your behalf.


9.     What questions do you have for me?

  • Prepare a list of quality questions in advance. This shows your interest and potential commitment to this new position.


10.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 **Do your personal career goals align with the company's long-term goals? **

  • Do you have a solid grasp of the position and what it involves?

  • Do you have the right attitude?

  • Are you going to be dependable?

  • Are you a good cultural and social fit for the organization?

  • How are you going to use your strengths to achieve success in this job?


Don’t forget……………practice makes perfect!!


Good luck!