Valuable Interview Do’s and Don’ts

  • Research the company thoroughly and study the job description before your interview

  • Dress appropriately, avoiding casual clothing or fashion extremes. Look neat and clean

  • Be punctual - arrive 10 minutes early. Call if delayed. Always!!

  • Express yourself and your views positively

  • Bring a copy of all relevant documents for easy reference

  • Listen carefully! Think, then answering questions clearly and fully

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for any question to be repeated to ensure you understand it fully

  • Ask good questions, knowing that selection is a two-way process

  • Be confident; remember you applied for the position because it suits your skill set and experience

  • Show enthusiasm for the company and the position

  • Project a professional image, make eye-contact but avoid staring

  • Be positive and present your skill set with conviction

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Rehearse answers to typical industry questions

Additional critical things to note that may have a negative impact on your interview

  • PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT AND SET IT ASIDE! This cannot be stressed enough

  • Dress for success with no chipped nail polish, excess perfume or aftershave

  • If you smoke, chew gum or use mouthwash prior to arriving for your interview

  • Do not be negative about past or present employers or employees

  • Be confident and implement the PPP strategy - Preparation, Practice and Professionalism

  • Avoid interrupting the interviewer and never finish sentences for the interviewer

  • Be truthful. Always!!

  • Do not worry if your answer isn’t perfect.  You’ll do better with the next question

  • Don’t talk about salary, holidays or bonuses unless asked

  • Let your recruiter negotiate the best offer for you 

  • Validate the question. Do not answer with a simple "yes" or "no" unless it is appropriate

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