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Industry vertical recruiting without
traditional agency limitations!

Our recruiting partners are our key differentiator

What matters most to you
matters most to us too!


We focus on specific industries and their must-have candidates, setting us apart from larger universal agencies. This makes us the ideal partner for locating best-in-class talent in their field.

Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network of qualified potential candidates allows us to offer a tailored approach that is agile, responsive, and importantly, effective.

We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients and to helping small and midsize companies save time, money, and their reputation by supporting their continued growth and success.

 3T Staffing’s team gets the job done!

Our professional recruiters expand your team’s capacity.

There is immediate relief from your hiring burden with our help.

Your department gains the needed bandwidth for other hiring efforts.

Internal work groups no longer carry the extra workload due to an empty seat.

Your time to hire improves, with our efficient recruitment and vetting processes.

Our recruiting partners serve with an entrepreneurial mindset performance, and intensity. Their infinite awareness of client needs was cultivated with 100+ combined years of experience. Mindset really matters!

Our skillful recruiters have a history of success in identifying, engaging and vetting the finest passive candidates in your industry. This gives you access to a high quality pool of potential hires.

Experience high performance from our skilled, sector-specific team. Despite our modest size, our recruiters have the vital mindset to deliver exceptional results.
We are small but mighty!

We cut your time to fill. Our seasoned professionals uncover and target the finer aspects of your mandate. With this focal point aim, the right candidate is identified as being the perfect fit.

Partner with 3T Staffing to expand your team with our personalized solutions. Your priorities become ours, and our turnkey approach ensures that your distinct recruiting needs are filled.

3T Staffing observes the sunset rule and keeps working until we find the right candidate for you. We are quick to act on any new mandate adjustments made to ensure you get the applicant you expect.

Our Story

Corporate recruiting companies are known to be idea stifling bureaucracies. So, leveraging our sixty plus years in staffing and business development experience, we created a different recruiting business model. It is a far more flexible, agile, and viable alternative to traditional staffing agencies.

As our unique selling point, major competitive advantage, and formula for success, we partner with professional, seasoned, and skilled independent recruiters, each having a particular operating mindset and specialized expertise in recruiting. Having worked in corporate staffing, they too needed a change. This sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to provide exceptional service to our clients.

We are currently in our eleventh year, and our mission to effectively find, thoroughly screen, and place top-notch talent remains unchanged. We have helped countless clients in the past and are confident that we can do the same for you.

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