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Who we are


Brenda Simon

Talent Director

Brenda is a seasoned and respected Talent Acquisition professional, with over thirty years of experience. Her commitment to top quality service in a personable and approachable manner is welcomed by clients and candidates as an invaluable asset. Her experience covers roles ranging from recruiter to business developer to trainer.


Brian Simon

Managing Director

Brian’s business development experience spans three decades, with the last eleven years spent in recruitment. Placing his client’s needs first, his focused rapport building approach allows him to make lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial trusting relationships.

Our Story

Corporate recruiting companies are known to be idea stifling bureaucracies. So, leveraging our sixty plus years in staffing and business development experience, we created a different recruiting business model. It is a far more flexible, agile, and viable alternative to traditional staffing agencies.

As our unique selling point, major competitive advantage, and formula for success, we partner with professional, seasoned, and skilled independent recruiters, each having a particular operating mindset and specialized expertise in recruiting. Having worked in corporate staffing, they too needed a change. This sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to provide exceptional service to our clients.

We are currently in our eleventh year, and our mission to effectively find, thoroughly screen, and place top-notch talent remains unchanged. We have helped countless clients in the past and are confident that we can do the same for you.

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